Madayan Valley

Valley Swat is a unique, beautiful and glittering jewel created by Almighty that is an exact replica of the glorious Alps in Switzerland. Like the Alps several mighty and high mountain ranges surround this expansive and enthralling valley. It is certainly a paradise for nature lovers where they can feast their eyes on the diverse bounties of nature ranging from the densely forested mountains to the snaking rivers and torrents. National and international tourists chose Madyan for their stay as all other beautiful sites and valleys can be easily accessed from this central valley. The innumerable hill resorts in the valley also include Madyan and the green valleys of Chail and Bashigram, which are situated towards the east of Madyan.

Chail Valley

The maximum time to reach this picturesque valley from Madyan is fifteen minutes in a vehicle and thirty minutes by feet. The valley is divided in to two segments; old Chail and new Chail.The village situated beside the stream is called new Chail while the scattered houses in the mountainous terrain above the stream is called old Chail. Both these villages are located on the left side connected by a bridge with the main road. The new Chail is approachable through vehicle but to reach old Chail a person must walk at least for fifteen minutes from new Chail.

Shanku & Bashigram Valley

Both the valleys of Shanku and Bashigram are located near to each other. Shanku is situated on the right side of the stream above the road. Most of the house are built on the mountain terrain and are scattered far and wide. The maximum to reach this charming valley from Madyan is thirty minutes in a vehicle. The area is provided with all basic facilities of telephone and electricity. There is a small market place where every thing of daily use can be easily procured. Most of the people are involved in farming but the new generation is evolving and is taking interest in education and modern professions. The population of the area is exceeding 1500 according to 1998 census.

Mankial Valley

The beautiful valley of Swat is a conglomeration of different and varied valleys and plains. The southern region is comparatively wide and open, consisting of plains that are cultivated through out the year and yield extremely large quantity of fruits and crops. The Northern region is a congregation of tall high rising mountains where small valleys provide little ground for cultivation and residentiary area for the small mass of population scattered in different groups and families. The valley of Mankial is one such place located in the north of Swat on the main road leading to Kalam. The total distance of the valley from Saidu Sharif is about eighty kilometers.