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Tuna and Tunai (The Little Giants)

In a certain forest on remote mountain two little giants Tuna and his wife Tunai were living in their small dried pumpkin house. One day when Tunai was sweeping the floors, she found a grain of maize. She took it to her husband who took it to a watermill for grinding. He brought back the flour and handed over it his wife to prepare bread from it. She made the fire and started baking the bread. As soon as the bread was ready to eat, Tuna would take it and swallow it instantly and impatiently. At last the last bread was left for his wife and she ate it with patience. As Tuna has devoured a lot of breads, he felt an urge to fart in their fragile little pumpkin house. His tummy was protruding and bulging with gas. His wife entreated him to go outside the house but he could not bear the pressure and farted with a huge bang in their delicate pumpkin house, which broke the pumpkin in to countless pieces. In the end they were homeless and Tuna repented for overeating all his life.