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The Red Lame Goat (Sra Gwada Beza)

Once upon a time, in a certain place there lived a red lame goat with her two kids. Their names were Angak and Mangak. The goat advised her young kids not to open the door of their dwelling to any one except her when she is out for grazing. She also explained them the code words that she would utter when she comes back from grazing which were “Angak, Mangak, open the door, my mammary glands are overflowing with milk”. The kids assured their mother that they would follow her instructions.

One day when the goat was out for feeding, a wolf knocked at their door. The kids had forgot the words of their mother and in curiosity opened the door. When they saw a wolf standing there, they huddled in their dwelling with fear. The wolf entered and swallowed both of them alive. When their mother arrived and saw that the wolf has eaten her kids, she got enraged and pierced the belly of the wolf with her razor sharp horns. The wolf died instantly and the kids jumped out of its belly safe and sound. Later, they promised their mother that they would never again act against her advice. Later they lived happily everafter.