Swat is in the grip of tension

By: Khurshid Khan

The scenic valley of swat is in the grip of sever tension for the last six days. Unknown groups are active in terrorist activities kill many security personals. Indiscriminate firing and bomb blast are the routine of the day. People are worried about the deteriorating law and order situation in the valley.

Maulana Fazlulah is issuing confused statements on his FM radio based at Mamderai, Swat. He condemns the killing of police and shows concern on these in human acts of those involved.

Two days he broadcasted his sermon urged his followers to come out for the glory of Islam. Maulana in his emotional speech declared Jihad against the government but last night apologised and advised his followers to remain peaceful.

The Government has deplored Army, Frontier Corp and frontier constabularies in Swat. These forces are strengthening their positions around Mamderai and other strategic points.

The law enforcement forces announcing through loud speakers not to come out at night times in upper swat. Matta bazar is closed because of uncertainty in the area.

People in general are of the view that Islamabad is creating another Waziristan in the Valley. After the drop scene of The Red Mosque drama Islamabad is going to stage another drama in Swat, said the locals.

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